Relentless Teams are for the committed athlete who "Ball is Life" and strive to play at the next level NCAA I, II, III or NAIA. Our Relentless Teams start at 16u and up, however we will only fill a Relentless Team if all player's on that team meet our strict criteria. Relentless Athletes have an elite level volleyball IQ, top-notch mental toughness, tenacious drive and view obstacles as opportunities not barriers.

Head Coach Requirements

  • CAP I Certified
  • 4+ yrs of experience at the "Club Level" or Higher
  • PCA Certified 


  • 3 Practices a week
  • 3 Out of state trips to National Qualifiers/National Tournaments
  • Attend RMR Sanctioned Powers, Colorado Crossroads NQ
  • Season runs November into June 


Our Grind Teams are for athletes who make their life work around volleyball and not the other way around. They have an elevated volleyball IQ. They have consistently demonstrated a proficiency of all skills. Players have the attitude of "I get to go to practice" and not "I have to go to practice"

Head Coach Requirements

  • 2+ yrs of coaching experience at the "Club Level" or Higher and or 2 yrs playing at the College Level
  • PCA certified 


  • 3 Practices a week
  • 2 Out of state trips to a National Qualifier/National Tournament
  • Attend RMR Sanctioned Powers, Colorado Crossroads NQ
  • Season runs November into June


Hustle Teams are geared for athletes who love the game and are committed to their teams and are eager to grow in their skill set and desire to strive to make a Grind Team. Our Hustle Athletes are in the process of developing consistency of a balanced skill set

Head Coach Requirements

  • 2+ yrs of coaching experience at the "Club Level" or Higher and or 2 yrs playing at the College Level
  • PCA Certified 


  • 3 Practices a week
  • 1 Out of state trips to National Qualifier/National Tournament
  • Attend RMR Powers, Colorado Crossroads NQ
  • Season runs November thru April 


Still in the process of deciding if "Club Volleyball" is a sacrifice you want to make? Our Work Teams are for the athlete that likes the game but isn't sure they want to make the full commitment that is required to play on a "Club Team" or has not yet acquired the skills to compete at a high level on a consistent basis

Head Coach Requirement

  •  1+ yrs of coaching experience
  • PCA Certified 


  • 2 Practices a week
  • Attend 3-4 RMR Sanctioned Powers
  • Season runs November thru April 



All Ages 
Sundays 2-3:30


Sunday - Sept. 29th - RVC FACILITY!!
18850 E. CLARKE RD., PARKER 80134


Sunday - Oct. 6th - RVC Facility

Sunday - Oct. 13th - RVC Facility

Sunday - Oct. 20th - RVC Facility

Sunday - Oct. 27th - RVC Facility




Our Groundwork Grind Sessions are designed for ages 7-12yrs. 

Price: $130 per player 

Mondays: Starting in December

Time: 6:00-7:00p

Sessions will run in 6-week increments throughout the year.  

These 6-week sessions are for ages 7-12yrs. and is designed for those players who desire to keep touches on the ball while learning the fundamentals and perfecting them through consistent repetition.

Each separate 6-week session will have a variety of different drills to keep players engaged while working on their skills.   This program is perfect for those who desire to learn the correct form and mechanics for all positions (passing, serving, setting, attacking)  Attending this 6-week league will be the beginning to laying a strong foundation while preparing athletes to take their game to the next level

Each session players will be evaluated and given a "RVC Bill of Health" this will provide feedback on player's improvements and areas of opportunity which will give them a comprehensive understanding of where they are at as volleyball players and athletes in general.






noun: grindstone; plural noun: grindstones

a thick disk of stone or other abrasive material mounted so as to revolve, used for grinding, sharpening, shaping and or polishing metal objects.


Science Says Only 8 Percent of People Actually Achieve Their Goals.

Our Grindstone Club is designed to help encourage those who desire to be more and do more achieve their dreams not only on the court but in life!

This 10 month program is $55 a month and runs from October through July and requires auto-pay enrollment and is a 10 month commitment. During the 10 months players will be shaped, sharpened, and polished.

Scope of Sessions

Rapid Fire Flight School - Be the Attacker you've always wanted to be!
- These sessions are designed for OH, MB and RH. Players will focus on approach, resiliency in attacking anywhere on the court, quicker and more powerfull arm swing, ball placement, reading defense, court awareness, decision making/adjusting to setter.

Set above the Rest Boot Camp - Run the court with confidence!
-Sessions are customized for setters. Players will work on proper foot work to make the most of your set anywhere on the court, wise decision making that will set you apart from the rest, playing defense, court awareness, creating and calling plays.

Floor-work Grind - Be the show stopper and frustrate hitters
-It all starts with a pass! These sessions are designed specifically for Liberos/DS Players will learn how to properly read hitters, directing, absorbing and digging hard driven balls, anticipate game play, stay on their feet and off the floor.


War Room -

  • Once a month players can attend our "War Room" Session where we will discuss; train, and execute on topics such as; mental toughness, volleyball IQ, health, social life and resilience to name just a few

Travel -

  • 5% off all out of state travel

Gear -

  • Free RVC Hoodie (Exclusive to only Grindstone Club Members)
  • Free RVC T-shirt (Exclusive to only Grindstone Club Members)
  • Free RVC Lanyard

Touches on the ball -

  • Free RVC clinics and camps throughout the year (these are camps and clinics outside of what's provided as being a part of the Grindstone Club) example: jump serving, attacking, or passing camps or clinics
  • Free Open Gyms
  • Waived Try-out fees for the following season


Q. Why isn't this already included in my Club Fees?
A. This program is designed for the player who wants that competitive edge and desires to practice outside of practice to hone and perfect their skill. This additional training gives them more reps and deeper insight into the game than what can be accomplished during team practices and allows for more in-depth training for players that want it and desire to go to the next level.

Q. Will my daughter get more playing time?
A. RVC's philosophy is "Play to Win" and to put the best players on the court at any given time that gives the team the best chance to win, team line-ups are decided at the discretion of the coach. Protecting and maintaining the integrity of our beliefs and values are paramount for us. We believe that players always get out, what they put into their training, and that more reps can only help but play time is always earned.

Q. Can I cancel my membership at anytime?
A. No, this is a 10 month financial obligation. We design and budget our program based on the number of players that choose to commit. This allows us to properly plan on the number of coaches, training material and court time and space we need.

This Club Membership will be capped at 60 players!